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Virtual Dedicated Hiring

This service allows you to directly hire Web Designers, Graphics Designers, PHP Programmers, Content Writers, SEO Specialitsts, Telecallers from us at a fixed monthly price. You get a experienced person to work on your regular projects 8 Hrs a day, 5 days a week and you will be his virtual project manager during this contract period. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the abilities and creativity as we follow a very stringent recruitment process and your work gets done by our full time employees only.

virtual hiring

Easy Steps to get access to the Team

There is lot involved in keeping people in every area of the business you are in so that you can provide a 360° service to your client. This often means keeping a team on the bench. As the demand scales up, you will find it difficult to hire and train people who can deliver the work at acceptable quality and to make matters worse the client will not let you have the luxury of time. The Web Artists has the unique capability of providing you with high quality developers and designers in all areas. Depending on how much work you currently have, you can hire the resource on hourly, part-time or monthly basis. You can speak with the resource before making the decision of hiring him. We are generally able to provide you with a suitable resource, that matches your requirements, within 24 hrs. Once you are satisfied, you will be required to make an advance payment before the work can commence.  Once everything is set, you can begin sending work to the resource and they will send you updates at the end of each day. Our Project Manager monitors and manages the delivery in the background to ensure your needs are continuously met. We allow direct interaction with the resource using Google Talk / Yahoo Messanger / Skype. As and when required we also allow use of TeamViewer, GotoMeetings and other Screen sharing services.

Salient Features

  • Established Company – We are 13 yrs old company.
  • We house 125+ Employees,
  • We are affordable – Hire Us on Hourtly / Monthly / Project basis.
  • We sign NDA for Confidentiality.
  • Monitor progress on daily basis.
  • Communicate using IM, Email.
  • All rights are owned by you.
  • Completely ‘White Label’ service.
  • We offer personal and direct communication.
Roles Available
Full time Hiring – 8 Hours
Hourly Hiring
Back Office Services
Data Entry $400/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
Sales & Support Assistant $400/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Web Designing Services
Junior Designers (HTML / Graphics) $500/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
Senior Designers (Good knowledge of WordPress / Joomla / Drupal) $800/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
PHP / .net Developers
Standard PHP / MySQL / Apache / Linux Programmer $850/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Proficient PHP / MySQL / Apache / Linux Programmer ( All Rounder ) $1250/month $18/hr ( No Commitments )
Expert PHP / MySQL / Apache / Linux Programmer $1800/month $22/hr ( No Commitments )
Mobile / Facebook Developers
iPhone / Android Mobile Application Developer $1500/month $20/hr ( No Commitments )
Facebook Developer $1250/month $18/hr ( No Commitments )
Search Engine Optimisation
Full time SEO Specialist $800/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Full time SEM Specialist $800/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Full time Content Writer $650/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
Full time Link Builder $500/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
All Rounder SEO Specialist $1000/month $20/hr ( No Commitments )

No Payroll Burden, No Infrastructure Burden, No HR Burden

We can also work for clients on Project to Project basis if they do not want to pay the above mentioned fixed costs. Please feel free to get in touch by calling us. We accept payments Via Credit Card, Wire Transfer and Paypal. Client references can be provided to move ahead.